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Stross's Writing Meme...

I don't feel SO sheeplike when it's supposed to be limited to us Special People.
EDIT: (PUBLISHED authors, I mean)

* Age when I decided I wanted to be a writer: 6
* Age when I got a typewriter: 13.
* Age when I wrote my first novel: 11 (previously it was long-running comic books).
* Age I took real typewriting lessons: 17
* Novels written by hand (between 11 and 17, when I started being able to type fast enough): 10
* Novels written between age 17 and age 41: 20? Lost track. Some sucked. Some I'm still hoping to sell.
* Age when I first submitted a short story to a magazine: 11.
* Thickness of file of rejection slips prior to first story sale: Never kept rejection slips.
* Age when I sold my first short story: Never sold one.
* Age when I first came close to selling a novel: 36.
* Age when that first book deal imploded (prior to publication): 36.
* Age when I next wrote a saleable novel: 30 (yes, I actually wrote a salable novel well before the first one that almost sold).
* Age that I initiated my plan to be published by insulting an established author and editor in public: 39.
* Age when the second saleable novel finally sold to said insulted author and editor's publisher: 41
* Age now: 46.
* Number of books sold: 6
* Number of titles in print: 2
* Number of titles fallen out of print: 1

Remember also, folks, don't try MY method of getting published at home! This is for TRAINED PROFESSIONALS only.
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