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Christmas Wish Meme

I don't remember exactly who it was that posted this one (I'm sure I'll find it later), but here goes:

Make a list of 10 wishes for Christmas. They can be very small or immense, it doesn't matter, as long as it's something you really want. Post the wishes on your Livejournal.

Then, after you've done that, go through your Friends' list -- or Friends Friends, etc. -- and see if, perhaps, there's a wish someone has that YOU can grant, and -- if you feel so inclined -- do so. Part of the point these kinds of holidays is to show that people make miracles for other people.

So here we go!

I'm going to be doing about four relatively small things, three medium-to-large, and three Really Big. I'm not going to include things that require transforming the very nature of reality and humanity, such as "Peace On Earth".

The Small:
1. See my Amazon Wish List. This actually contains some medium-to-large choices, which I may mention separately.

2. Pictures of my own stuff. I am NOT an artist. I'm a fair hand at Visio, which allows me to do crude sketches of things like the Spheres from Grand Central Arena and the basic design for the Nike in Boundary, but I can't draw a damn thing otherwise; this is why one of the best presents I've ever gotten from anyone was the series of images Keith Morrison did of the various ships from Boundary and its sequel (I use one of the Nebula Storm as my laptop wallpaper, and one of the Nike leaving orbit as the wallpaper for my computer at work). I would LOVE images of characters, creatures, locations, etc., of things from my stories (published or otherwise).

3. iTunes gift card. I buy a lot of soundtracks and other music and I can always use more stuff.

4. An animated GIF Davros Icon, from the sequence in the Doctor Who finale where he says "DETONATE THE REALITY BOMB!"

The Good-Sized:
5. An XBOX 360 (I'll go put that on my Amazon wishlist too). Why didn't I have that on there before? Because I didn't realize that I needed it if I wanted this.

6. A new Mac Laptop.

7. A new, large, flatscreen HDTV. We have no HDTV here yet, and all our TVs are the "Oh So Last Century!" tube type.


8. A good agent for my writing.

9. A metric buttload of money (i.e., enough for instance to build a new wing on my house, refinish the basement, etc.). This would solve a lot of current problems in the household. Enough to buy my own island and set up my little kingdom would be even nicer, of course. :)

10. Grand Central Arena (or, really, anything I've written) made into a major motion picture. Alternatively, me scripting the Lensman movie currently under discussion and my being the Voice of Mentor of Arisia. I would SQUEEE!

And now to noodle around and see if there's something within my very modest means on the lists...
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