seawasp (seawasp) wrote,

A Minor Christmas Miracle


Earlier this evening, checking the predictions for power restoration on Nigara Mohawk's site (well, National Grid's site which includes the borgified NiMo), I saw that they had revised it to TUESDAY AFTERNOON.

Well, at that point I KNEW I needed to get a generator and hook up the house. In particular, I was not confident my backup pump would be able to continue for another day, let alone two or three. There's a limit to what a battery could handle, and as the ground had not really frozen water has still been coming in heavily. So I left my family at the in-laws for dinner, and headed down towards True Value hardware (the only place that apparently still had generators, and was rumored to also be raising prices for them). True Value is very near my house, and as I approached I noticed a fair number of lights on that I thought were black earlier. But as I get to the intersection right at my house location, the traffic light (an almost perfect diagnostic for our subdivision's power status) is still black. Still, I have to turn around and head back to the hardware store, so I stop and I'm ready to turn there.

A NiMo truck is actually at the corner, with someone in a bucket; as I am sitting there waiting to turn, I see him reach out with a long pole and flip two pieces of the pole structure from vertical to horizontal... And the lights all come on.

So I thank them. It turns out that their management was COMPLAINING that they were doing this; apparently they're supposed to follow a particular schedule and procedure, but they decided on their own to stop and do this subdivision ... just because they could and it'd get a few more people their power just that much faster.

So after thanking them, I get to the house and go inside, call Kathy and give her the good news, and then make sure all the heat is on (it's still cold in here even now; takes quite a while to re-heat a house), and check out things.

The basement was JUST STARTING TO FLOOD when the power came back on. There is some water pooled around the very lowest parts of the basement -- none of it very high, a quarter-inch or so.

Had it even been a few hours later, I'd have ended up with who KNOWS how much water in there.

So I ran out and thanked them again.

Now I'll try the NiMo site again and see if there's anywhere to put in a thank you message.
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