seawasp (seawasp) wrote,

Good and Bad at once, and Genericon

So Kathy's screen (17" Powerbook) started to glitch out regularly. The computer's had a host of problems through the past year or so, including Epic Fail of the DVD drive (not only doesn't the drive work, the computer denies it has one). My own computer's drive has started to act up too (still shows on the system, won't accept any discs for burning, etc.) and it has some other smaller problems.

At Apple, the cost to fix Kathy's was $700-$800. Mine, $500-$600.

So I bit the bullet and bought new machines.

The latter is the good news, of course. Now I have a brand new MacBook 13" -- larger screen than my old Powerbook 12" and VASTLY more powerful, and Kathy has the 15" MacBook Pro, which is considerably more powerful than my new one (and prettier, too). They also feature the magnetic attachment power cords, which eliminates the single greatest point of failure in our prior computers.

Genericon is this weekend; for the first time, I think I'm going to have a minimal presence there. Too many things have happened over the last several weeks. I'll be there on Saturday and that's it, unless they've scheduled me for a panel on any other day. Saturday is the Cosplay, which I will MC.
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