seawasp (seawasp) wrote,

Worldcon Update -- Child Memberships Available

For various practical reasons, Kathleen has decided not to attend Worldcon. Her adult membership was immediately snapped up, but I still have the memberships for Christopher and Gabriel going begging. If Chris were, say, 13 (the age at which I went to my first convention, Boskone 13, pretty much alone (just with some friends of the family and I was then independent for the rest of the Con) I'd take him, but two kids at 3 and 8 just wouldn't work if I intended to ever go to any of the events, do a signing, etc.

So, anyone out there interested in two kid memberships? Take a favorite little relative!

On the sorta-bright side, I'm contemplating running a short RPG game during the Con, as it is a VERY long convention, thus allowing me setup time galore.
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