seawasp (seawasp) wrote,

Gaming At Worldcon

As I am not scheduled for events at Worldcon and will want to get my money's worth by spending as much time in and around the Con as possible, AND for probably the only time in the foreseeable future will NOT be with other people whom I have responsibilities toward (i.e., family), I will be running what may be the only convention game I'll run for some years to come (barring, possibly, another session at Genericon, which I've done before because it's like 15 minutes from my house). The game will be one of two possibilities; either one in my FRP world of Zarathan, or one set in the "Earth" of "Digital Knight", a short time after the ending of the book.

No more than 6 players, and there'll be at least two and as many as four sessions; one for character creation and backgrounding, and the rest for play. Those who know me know that the PCs will be expected to work together (I can arrange for you to MEET, that's easy, but the characters should be designed so as not to be Pains In The Butt) and to be the Good Guys. I tend to run fairly loose-and-flexible, which means that I'll maintain internal game consistency but won't necessarily concern myself overly much with the rules of whatever system I'm using.
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