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Migrating to TBird from Netscape, take three: The Plot Thickens...

None of the suggestions QUITE worked, so in the little time I could spare before going back to the old machine to get Real Work done, I poked about and found something interesting.

Remember the "old Hard Drive Directory" in which the mail folders appeared to be was:
D:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Application Data\Mozilla\Profiles\default\1x1vea8k.slt

Well, there's ALSO this directory:

C:\Documents and Settings\rs\Application Data\Mozilla\Profiles\Sea Wasp\av4b1vts.slt

Which contains:

You can see there's more files in this one than the other.

Yet the MAIL itself isn't up to date at all; it hasn't changed since 2004.


the prefs.js file HAS.

Moreover, the prefs.js file in the other directory HASN'T.

Digging into the prefs file, there are a number of lines that look like this:

user_pref("mail.newsrc_root", "C:\\DOCUMENTS AND SETTINGS\\RS\\APPLICATION DATA\\Mozilla\\Profiles\\Sea Wasp\\av4b1vts.slt\\News");
user_pref("mail.newsrc_root-rel", "[ProfD]News");
user_pref("mail.root.imap", "C:\\DOCUMENTS AND SETTINGS\\ADMINISTRATOR\\APPLICATION DATA\\Mozilla\\Profiles\\default\\1x1vea8k.slt\\ImapMail");
user_pref("mail.root.nntp", "C:\\DOCUMENTS AND SETTINGS\\RS\\APPLICATION DATA\\Mozilla\\Profiles\\Sea Wasp\\av4b1vts.slt\\News");
user_pref("mail.root.nntp-rel", "[ProfD]News");
user_pref("mail.root.none", "C:\\DOCUMENTS AND SETTINGS\\ADMINISTRATOR\\APPLICATION DATA\\Mozilla\\Profiles\\default\\1x1vea8k.slt\\Mail");
user_pref("mail.root.pop3", "C:\\DOCUMENTS AND SETTINGS\\ADMINISTRATOR\\APPLICATION DATA\\Mozilla\\Profiles\\default\\1x1vea8k.slt\\Mail");
user_pref("mail.root.pop3-rel", "[ProfD]../../../../../../ADMINISTRATOR/APPLICATION DATA/Mozilla/Profiles/default/1x1vea8k.slt/Mail");

Now, if I'm understanding this right... somehow this .js file is controlling the operation of the whole thing, but referencing all the operations of the sucker to a COMPLETELY SEPARATE MAIL DIRECTORY so that the major use of this other directory is as a sort of control center.

Note that there's a few other files in THIS one that have changed in the last few days, but which had NOT in the other (e.g., abook.mab, netscapetoolbar, XUL.mfl, etc.).

Interesting, eh?

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