seawasp (seawasp) wrote,

Little Update...

Went out for 14th anniversary last night. Spent wayyy too much money I don't really have, but it was good and my wife deserves more.

Waiting with fingers crossed to find out whether sis-in-law Maria will be okay with her baby; the visit on Monday to the doctor had some ominous commentary.

Finally got report on Gabriel from the psychologist -- he has a complex set of issues but they're finally getting a real handle on it -- and the ENT doctor just listened to the symptoms we've had and said "I don't even need a CAT scan for this. Adenoids." Apparently Kathleen's recitation was practically straight out of textbook cases. So we schedule surgery. This may solve many problems because apparently the condition effectively gives him sleep apnea -- he's not really getting good sleep and thus it will make him cranky, inattentive, etc.

Maybe we'll even be able to reduce the meds.

Pollen sucks. Very high counts make my brain go DUH?

Did write one chapter on Monday, posted it to my beta-group today. More Poplock, it turned out.

More later if my brain allows.
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