seawasp (seawasp) wrote,

I'm at Worldcon!

Well, to be accurate at the moment I'm in my hotel room at Hotel@MIT (Room 408, if anyone cares). I hope and trust that my wife is going to read this -- I love you! I'm safe!

Worldcon is... well, big. Even now, on First Night, I saw LOTS of people. There is a Doc Smith exhibit that, literally, brought tears to my eyes. It's silly, but given the influence the man had on my life, this exhibit was practically a religious shrine; I gave the very pleasant gentleman in charge of it (Stephen, IIRC) copies of DK and Mountain Magic just for having such a wonderful exhibit up. I heard some of the Pratchett Roast (alas, I've never found any of his stuff particularly captivating).

I've met a number of people already that I know from online -- either Usenet, Livejournal/Blogs, or both (Charlie Stross [author, hugo nominee, and long-time Net resident], PNH, CKS, Chad "OilCan" Orzel, Kate Nevpeu (I hope I spelled that right, I probably didn't), Dhole, Filker Dave, SHSilver, and others). I hope to meet quite a few more.

One really wierd event: twice, in the hallway, I saw an old gentleman who looked EXACTLY like Hal Clement. And whenever I looked for him again, he'd vanished.


I put a signup sheet for my game up in the gaming room; it gives signups a choice between a high fantasy game "Fire and Justice" (set on my regular FRP world of Zarathan, mentioned a few times in DK) and a Modern Day Wierd game "Awakening", set in the same world as Digital Knight and shortly after the events of said novel.

Tomorrow, if I have signups, will be "character generation and world familiarization" time. Saturday and/or Sunday I will actually run.

I have other more important missions as well. Firstly I must venture to the Dealer's Room and see if they have Good Stuff; I have specific things I must get, if they exist any more. Then I have to go to some panels -- one that I absolutely must get to is one that Toni (from Baen) is on and which deals with how new professional writers can network in the SF world. And I do intend to attend the Hugos -- after all, why come to a Worldcon and miss one of its unique aspects?
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