seawasp (seawasp) wrote,

Another Real World Science question...

... I'm trying to find information -- preferably text with an accompanying diagram/image mapping things out -- on how the propagation of a blast wave works in the presence of an object such as a human being caught in it. Naive assumption on my part would imply that what you'd get is a high-pressure ridge on the portion facing the blast, with a lower pressure area on the other side, but that it's possible another, high-pressure shock could result ON the opposite side due to the shockwave pressure being delayed and channeled around the object, to meet in opposition on the other side and producing a secondary shock-ridge.

I've found papers on various aspects of blast physics and so on, but none that give me the overall look at what happens around an object like that caught in a blast.

(like the prior ones, these are questions springing from proposal research I'm doing)
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