seawasp (seawasp) wrote,

Another interesting day.

Parking being outrageous here, I decided to walk to the Con. If I wasn't carrying literally 40 pounds of stuff, that wouldn't be so bad; two miles with 40 pounds of books and computer is... interesting. No one can complain I'm not getting exercise, though.

Went to the "neopro" intro panel and finally got to meet Toni!

Wandered around the Dealer's Room (my First Pass evaluation). Alas, the media presence is very low, so I cannot replace the Stuffed Haro that vanished a while back; I may have to send an agent to I-Con to obtain another (I don't think I can go this year). Larry Smith (the veritable god of booksellers) was there, remembered me, said again he liked DK, so I gave him his own copy of Mountain Magic, and then he bought five more to put up for sale. I'll have to drop by tomorrow and see if they're selling. And of course to pick up "stuff" for Kathy, CP and Gabriel. I may drive tomorrow: I think I can get a parking discount if I buy some other stuff in the mall.

Saw the Green Adept (zxywvut on LJ) again for the first time in ... well, a LONG time. 15 years maybe? He demonstrated a neat little logic/puzzle game based on Zen principles and using pieces from the game "Icehouse" called Zendo. It's an interesting pattern recognition game -- I enjoyed it, but I don't know if anyone else in my family would. I think Phil and Rob Fenelon would, though. Met a friend of theirs in the Game room (unfortunately I'm blanking on the name, curse my memory). I did meet several interesting people in the game room.

Tomorrow will be busy -- Hugo, Albacon party, and Baen party. This night I was trying to get gaming going, but the word never got out... and then my [well, Kathy's that I'm borrowing] cell phone died on me, so if anyone WAS trying to get in touch with me, they failed. I did visit the location party for the 2007(?) worldcon (liked the Japanese theme, with LOTS of "Goji" presence!) and the League of Evil Geniuses party, which had a LOVELY assortment of evil on its walls, including Davros, Kagato, the Brain, Mojo-Jojo, Dr. Miguelito Loveless, Bun-Bun, and even the Dark God B'Harni.

I am realizing I need to find some way to improve my memory for people, because I'm meeting several people at each event and I have the damndest time remembering names.
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