seawasp (seawasp) wrote,

LJ Braaains: Fighter Jet Control Surfaces...

I am trying to get a good diagram/picture of the control surfaces for a fighter jet, preferably the F-18 or JSF/F-35. We're working on a project here that involves instrumenting components of these vehicles and being in Phase I we haven't really been able to actually physically approach the jets, but it's important to get some idea of the physical clearances, shapes, etc., so I can tell what can fit there, and where, and how I might design a test article that would be a reasonable match to one or more of the ailerons, flaps, rudders, and/or elevators. Our contacts have been trying to get some things from their people but so far nothing that really shows what we need.

Anyone out there have better info on this than I have? I've got a few general images, and a couple pictures with cutaway diagrams that are, unfortunately, not detailed enough.
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