seawasp (seawasp) wrote,

Happy Birthday to Me and Gabriel!

Gabriel's birthday was yesterday, mine is today (and my first really clear birthday memory is watching men on the moon. That was a good present!). We had a party for both of us over at my in-laws on Sunday, but today is the actual day.

Kudos go especially to our friend and my Loyal Lieutenant Shana whose present to Gabe -- the Speed Racer game for the Wii -- has been a huge hit (even though he sometimes get frustrated with it). It's amazingly close to the movie in terms of giving you that vertiginous feel of speed and the ability to DO something with that speed and an armored supercar! He was also very happy with the bunch of Legos that Kathleen got him (he was downstairs playing with the Lego Dragon from a King Arthur lego set this morning) and he got several other gifts as well.

My wife Kathy and her sister Rachel got me (partly as a joke) the Naruto Ultimate Ninja PS2 game, which I'll have to try out with my kids. Shana (after asking for advice from me) got me the Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne game (part of the "Persona" universe of games).

Now to work and presumably a small quiet celebration at home tonight.
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