seawasp (seawasp) wrote,

A Salute to Working Fans...

Since I have often benefited, in small and not-so-small ways, from the assistance and support of fans who go above-and-beyond the call of duty, I thought I should give a salute to these:

1) Shana, my Loyal Lieutenant. Alpha-reader, usually my first critic/catcher of errors, administrator of multiple little details, she's been a tremendous help. And her visits are always fun.

2) Keith Morrison: Keith has voluntarily been making ship models/images for me which are very pretty (I have three of those as icons, the most recent being the one accompanying this post for the Holy Grail, the ship from Grand Central Arena). His work is amazing and will be one of the foundations for the "extra content" on the GCA website (as well as being one of the main components of my "book trailer" that I'm trying to put together). Some of his model pics are already up in my Gallery.

3) (You know who you are): I don't know if this particular person wants me to be trumpeting her name or not (Shana I've thanked before in public and Keith has explicitly told me how to credit him), but another fan has volunteered to create images/models of the main GCA characters so I have something for them in the trailer. This will be invaluable, as I can't draw a straight line WITH a straight edge.

4) My Grand Archivist, Denubis. Without him, my Beta-reading list would have remained unorganized chaos.

5) The Beta Readers: Those who read and comment provide a very valuable service -- more so than they might realize. I may be writing for me in the end, but making a story say what you want it to say requires at least knowing what other people might see in it.

This isn't to slight any other fans who have done services for me either, so if I've somehow left you out, don't think it's on purpose!
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