seawasp (seawasp) wrote,

Any modern aircraft control surface diagrams/pics...

... which show how (A) the rudder/aileron/elevator is constructed externally and internally, and how exactly that component is attached to the aircraft, would be of help. This is for a project we're working on. While, apparently, the office in question has gotten approval to send us diagrams for the actual aircraft of interest, the PAPERWORK hasn't gotten done, and time is getting short.

I've been doing some online searches but either my Google-fu is WEAK!!! or nothing is out there. Right now I'd take anything from a reasonably modern jet aircraft, preferably a fighter or something like it, but I'll settle even for a commercial jet.

The project is for monitoring key stress points on these control surfaces, so what I'm most interested in are the attachment points and other areas which will be bearing the stress when the surface is in use.
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