seawasp (seawasp) wrote,


To my Loyal Lieutenant, who apparently read my whinging and decided to send me a pick-me-up. I just got the first volume of the Walt Simonson "The Mighty THOR" comic collection.

Simonson's run on Thor DEFINED the character for me, and included what may just be the single most CMoA (CROWNING MOMENT of AWESOME) in all comicdom in the duel between Thor and Jormungandr. Or maybe in the Last Stand of the Executioner. Or maybe... Hell, there's so many CMoAs in the Simonson run of Thor!

I had the original comics. They, along with a number of my other comic acquisitions (my entire run of Dazzler, the Godzilla comics, older X-books, Spider-Man, New Teen Titans, etc.) were destroyed in two floods in two different houses.

Thanks, Shana!
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