seawasp (seawasp) wrote,

Save the Dragons...

Baen author Dave Freer has a problem. For various reasons he has decided to emigrate from South Africa to Australia (Tasmania, to be precise). He planned ahead and saved money for this trip. However...

Exchange rates have shifted drastically in the interim, and what would have been adequate for his entire household will now cover only the HUMAN members of his family. He only has about half the money needed to bring his pets with him (which is a necessity and an obligation for any good pet owner) because of rather extreme import issues for bringing animals into Australia (customs, quarantine, etc.).

He's asking for money -- but not for completely nothing. He's posting a story a chapter at a time -- as he gets money, more chapters go up.

So if you want to help in this worthy cause, go here and give whatever you can.

Thanks. This has been a public service message!
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