seawasp (seawasp) wrote,

General Venting Rant

(Reposted from Baen's Bar (, the Paradigms Lost conference -- which is mine!)

I just discovered the Brits have the Six Million Dollar
Man on DVD!

Now why is it that the BRITISH, of all people --
supposedly the country of refined and proper tastes -- are
busily making DVDs of our best schlock, and WE don't get
any of it??? I want my DVD collection to include the Six
Million Dollar Man, Airwolf, and MacGyver, none of which
are available here! Hell, I can't even get a decent copy of
the THEME from any of them (Airwolf I finally did, but I
had to track down a *JAPANESE* disc to do so).

By god, American schlock should be available to us

(other gripe: iTunes talks about all the music it sells,
but I can't find a single anime tune on there. I *still*
have to get my anime soundtracks from Japan.)
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