seawasp (seawasp) wrote,

NOW I have a backlog!

Two complete novels as of last night. One, Polychrome, came out vastly better than I would have expected, and if I can find a publisher or an agent interested in Oziana it might even find a market.

The other, Fall of Saints, is the first in the Balanced Sword trilogy, and probably vastly more salable; it's an epic fantasy set on Zarathan, the World of Magic in the Digital Knight universe. There are also some crossovers in it from the OTHER fantasy trilogy which occurs at the same time on Zarathan, which is tentatively called the Spirit Warriors trilogy. The two happen very much in parallel and cross each other at different points, having significant effects on each other.

Fall of Saints is also the book from which came "Names", the short story/excerpt about Poplock Duckweed, the little Toad who ran into a big, big problem that I posted for this past PSTPWD.
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