seawasp (seawasp) wrote,

Grand Central Arena Teaser Trailer and Website are LIVE!

SEE the Video! VISIT the Website! TELL your fiends friends!

The Teaser Trailer for GCA is now up at YouTube. It ends with a slide leading you to the Official Site for Grand Central Arena and for my other books. (eventually I'm going to get a more generic domain and this will form the nucleus of the site for everything).

Give VERY SPECIAL thanks to:

keithmm for the magnificent video footage of the Holy Grail. (plus one image of his concept for Ariane!)

marydell for the kickass images of the three main characters (she's also promised to at least figure out some mugshot/passport photo images for the others).

kayshapero for her work in making a nice, clean, not-too-complicated but professional looking site!

So go look when you have a chance, and if you like what you see, send it to anyone else you think might like it!
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