seawasp (seawasp) wrote,

Book Thoughts...

1) Mountain Magic has been consistently hovering around the 9,000 mark on Amazon. DK only managed to get into the four-digit range once or twice, and then only for a short burst. This is good.
2) The first review (other than my own commentary) on Mountain Magic just posted. I hope others who read "Diamonds Are Forever" will also get in on the fun.
3) Digital Knight is now down in the 300,000 range and has been there for quite a while. OTOH, it's out of stock pretty much everywhere now, so there's no likelihood of the sales going up. I am hoping that Jim will decide to take a chance and reprint, but it'd be a heck of a risk for him to do so, so I'm not expecting it to happen.
4) If schedules go as I expect, Boundary (by me and Eric) will be out somewhere around the same time next year (next October). Hopefully after this I'll have a chance to write my next solo book.
5) I've hit the "hump" with Boundary; I'm in the hardest part to write, the transition from the first to the second major modes of the book. Once I get past this next section I think things will speed back up.
6) This may be the best stuff I've ever written. I hope Eric thinks so.
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