seawasp (seawasp) wrote,

How to be a TOTAL LOSER as an Author...

Well, there's many ways, but Mr. Kevin W. Reardon wants to make sure he's covered them all.

First, have someone include something negative in a review of your work.

Then go argue with him.

Then suggest he commit suicide. Twice, adding in a pet for good measure.

Now, that's bad enough to reach about the bottom of the barrel. I mean, Anne Rice simply made the FIRST mistake and that made HER look like a total luser.

But Mr. Kevin W. Reardon is not yet finished. He has aimed his sights lower. Much lower.

Wait for someone to post a blog summary of various author misbehaviors. One in which you are just one of many.

Then find blogger's phone number and call her at home, making you into a stalker!

THIS is the magnificence of Mr. Kevin W. Reardon.

Have I repeated his name enough times so that none of you will forget this shining example?

Remember, folks: NEVER ARGUE WITH A NEGATIVE REVIEW. But if you must, don't go beyond this; there, only Mr. Kevin W. Reardon dares go.
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