seawasp (seawasp) wrote,

Christmas Wishlist, etc....

There've been inquiries as to what I want for Christmas. Of course, it's getting too late anyway, but it's still worth answering, in a sense.

Oddly, my Amazon wish-list is almost empty now. I'm having a hard time thinking of things I don't already have which aren't BIG ticket items (e.g., a new widescreen HD TV and entertainment center, new windows for the whole house, redo the driveway, etc) and one of the things on my list is fairly big ticket (PS3). I've collected most of the music, etc., that I want, and the few TV shows that I might want on DVD... aren't OUT on DVD.

Kathleen's recovered pretty much, and having her home and healthy is the first thing that I'd really want, so I have that. I have generally nice kids who are currently healthy, and I have a job. That stuff already puts me well into the "got plenty for Christmas " category.

The things I'd MOST want (aside from pinky in mouth Ten... MILLION... dollars!) are things you can't buy in an ordinary store, and I've actually GOTTEN several of these during the last few months: pictures and such of characters, places, and things in my books. I envision these things when I write, but I have effectively no artistic talent besides some small skill at using Visio or related software. I have been fortunate in that a few people who like my work have been interested enough in it, and possess themselves the talent and resources and time, to produce some of these things for me.

I'd like frameable prints of my book covers (Digital Knight, Boundary, Grand Central Arena, and Threshold), but I know that GCAs will be somewhere around $250-$300. I'll get them one day, I'm sure, but I don't expect anyone else to buy them for me. (what WOULD be nice someday is to see someone do a cover for "Diamonds Are Forever" which both Eric and I have envisioned ever since I wrote the scene with Jodi confronting the Magon. Hell, Jim, we GAVE you the Perfect Baen Cover and JUSTIFIED it in the text!)

But really, I think I'm pretty well set. I have an intelligent, beautiful, and hard-working wife who puts up with my crap, four children who seem to be good-natured and pretty smart, a house, and a job. I can't complain.

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