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Looking over the past year and seeing some of the other posts, I realize that while when I was younger I read NONSTOP (I averaged one book per day for many years), these days I hardly read anything at all (aside from Usenet, LJ, things like that). I think I read five books this year outside of "stuff for work". So I will try to read more books this year.

I finished out the year weighing in at 216.8 pounds. My high had been ~230, my low about 206, I think. So I have kept more than 10 pounds off from my starting point, despite a rebound that began once things really started getting hairy around here with health, etc. So I will endeavor to do at least as well this year, beginning 2011 at 205 pounds or less.

I have started a website -- with the help of a number of other people -- for Grand Central Arena and my other books. I will endeavor to increase the material on the website and to push forward with as many reasonable methods for gaining more publicity for my novels as I can. I will take this seriously as a second career. I will finish at least two more novels this year, preferably three.

I will try to watch our finances more closely and improve our financial position.
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