seawasp (seawasp) wrote,

Making animated GIFs...

A while back I posted about this topic and was told that Photoshop Elements was able to do so; unfortunately, it can only do it in a limited sense (i.e., if I make a buttload of layers and put the specific changes I want on EACH LAYER I'll get it. But as far as I can tell, what I *can't* do is put, say, three or four frames and have it automatically do a transition between them, generating the frames automagically.

The OLD version of Photoshop I had *could* do that ... or rather, had a companion program which could. However, that version doesn't work with my version of OS X.

So is there a freeware or at least cheapware program for Macs that anyone out there would recommend for making animated GIFs? I want to use this for things like icons and Project Wonderful ad graphics. Maybe iMovie could do it, but I suspect that if it CAN that would be something like using a bazooka to hunt flies.
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