seawasp (seawasp) wrote,

Repost: Book Trailer and Website for GRAND CENTRAL ARENA!

After an exchange with anghara it was clear that despite my posting it here before, not everyone had seen/noticed my prior announcements, so for those who missed it the first time...

I have, with the invaluable assistance of Keith Morrison (keithmm), Mary Dell (marydell and Kay Shapero (kayshapero, created both a trailer for my forthcoming novel Grand Central Arena, and a website for that novel and my other work as well.

Go, look, and spread the word if you like what you see. I will be doing a second trailer very soon which will be longer and have "more stuff" in it; the first one was a major undertaking for me as I had never made anything like it before.

(the icon, by the way, is Dr. Marc C. DuQuesne, one of the three main characters in GCA)
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