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... I will be so relieved when today is over and the Electioneering stops. Oh, there's still undoubtedly going to be venom and bile spewed by whichever side loses, but I hope it will lose some of the poisonous intensity that has characterized things in the past several months. Even when I *agree* with some of the positions I still find myself absolutely repelled by the hostility and hatred that radiates from many of those expressing them. This has been true in RL, on LJ, and on Usenet; the expression of political opinion has just seemed to reach a new high (or low) of furious, loathing-filled ranting that I hope will dissipate following the conclusion of this circus of stupidity.

This election HAS caused me to decide that, unless I actually *LIKE* a given candidate (as opposed to "just dislike him less") I will vote against whoever's incumbent. No repeat terms for ANYONE unless I actually have reason to like them.
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