seawasp (seawasp) wrote,

Videogame Endings that SUCK!

Chris, my oldest son, has been playing the Wii version of "The Force Unleashed" (if I recall the titile correctly), a Star Wars game.

In this you play a character who starts out adopted by Vader and trained in the Dark Side, so you go off and do Evil Sith things. However, eventually you start to move towards the Light Side, and at the end you decide you will not follow Vader's directives and turn on him.

This sounds all good, and you can see a fine ending coming from this (one that could lead to a series of games) in which the character manages to beat Vader or at least fight him off well enough to escape. But instead....

... after you manage to defeat Vader, you kick him into another room... and there's the Emperor waiting for you. After a pretty screwed fight, you end up badly injured, all your friends are dead, and the Emperor turns you into another Vaderlike servant he intends to use and throw away. Then the game says "Congratulations! You've won the game!"

WTF? That's "winning"? I'd hate to see what you call LOSING, because DEATH would be a better outcome! What's WRONG with the people making these things?
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