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Oh, please, stop already!

Not just here, but on other fora I frequent (even RL) there are people still ranting over the election, etc.

It's time to stop. Especially if (as several people have been heard to say) the emotional aspect of it is actually affecting you. The election is over. OVER. Fini, done, ended. Even if they find irregularities in the votes, the likelihood that this will change anything is near-zero at this point.

Allowing this to affect your thinking, your behavior, and so on will just damage your life -- possibly irreparably -- if it continues. That way lies obsession. So Bush is a rotten choice for president. He's still out in four years. He has a hard-edged time limitation which even he can't get rid of (the process to amend the Constitution would take too long). And if he's as bad as you think (and I think), by the end of that four years even the dumber parts of the electorate will see it.

And THEN we'll get, in reaction, a government just as bad in the opposite direction.

The pendulum swings. And it will keep on swinging.

But unless you're independently wealthy and have no responsibilities, burning yourself out in anger and hatred and obsession is something you can't AFFORD to do. If you DO have that luxury, well, okay, but I think the energy would be better spent visiting Hawaii, buying a cruise liner, or saving up for a trip to orbit.

Me, I'm not independently wealthy. My energy has to be spent on things that MATTER -- and Bush, in the long run, DOESN'T MATTER. What does matter is whether I support my family, get my commitments fulfilled (like writing my books and doing my work), and leave most people feeling that my presence gives them more than it costs them. I'm an arrogant pain in the ass, sometimes, and I have to offer something else to the world to make up for it, at least for those people around me. THOSE are the things that matter. Not that one lousy politician beat out one slightly less lousy politician.
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