seawasp (seawasp) wrote,

Telescopes OF THE FUTURE!!! (esp. for James Nicoll but open to others)

I'm wondering what it would be reasonable to expect remote imaging cameras (of various types -- IR, radio, visible) to be able to see in a distant part of OUR solar system in, say, 2040-2050 or so, assuming that there was no big "push" to develop space imaging capacity until about 10 years before, so most of the development simply continued from where we are at whatever the "normal" pace might be. What's the smallest object that could be seen, what kind of material could be sensed, etc.

I'm particularly interested in being able to track a spaceship and pieces thereof and how much detail on what timescale could be determined from here, or possibly Mars orbit, to the Jupiter system.

Any good sources/guesses?
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