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Howard Tayler and Schlock Mercenary RULE!

I've mentioned the incredibly cool webcomic Schlock Mercenary here before, but I must mention it again, as I have just received one of the coolest gifts it's ever been my privilege to recieve.

Howard sent me a piece of personally designed and autographed original artwork. I will post it for all to admire (if Howard approves), but it shows how considerate and wise Howard is. He recalled my vast and intense loathing and detestation for General Xinchub, and supplied me with a picture of the fat waste of space getting his comeuppance -- at the hands of the just-recently-heroically-deceased Captain Tagon. So I get two things -- Xinchub Humiliated and an exceedingly cool pic of the Captain -- both for free!

(I'm not even sure what I did to earn such a lovely present, but when I find out I'll try to duplicate it!)
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