seawasp (seawasp) wrote,

I find it interesting...

... to note the complete polarized diversity in my friends' lists on both LJ and FB; I have friends on the extreme liberal treehugger side, and on the right-wing fanatic side, and in directions that don't fit in the normal polarized categories, and me, often looking at all of them in bemusement.

I sometimes wonder whether I'm unusual in this wide diversity of political opinion, or if this is the norm; I would tend to expect people who have very strong political opinions that shape their actions would have a harder time having someone with polar opposite opinions in their friends' lists, but perhaps not; perhaps the thing that leads often to people hurting each other online -- the lack of direct connection, separation from the person -- could also lead to more overall tolerance in that they aren't seen as a direct threat. But I don't know.

Just a late-night idle thought before heading off to bed.
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