October 11th, 2006


Quick update...

.... I've been sick for at least a week and a half. Albacon was fun, despite that. Panels were enjoyable, and there were people present for my reading, which hasn't always been the case.

I then had to fly to Washington and do a presentation to some Navy people; I hope I got them interested in some of IEM's technology.

Still haven't heard back on whether I'll be doing Demons or not...

Still not King.

Oh, wait, that was the other guy.

Neverwinter Questions...

... in no particular order...

1) Will NWN2 come out for Mac? All the stuff I've seen just says WinBlows.

2) In "Shadows of Undrentide", is there any way to get Mischa the Paladin as a companion? I really don't like Mr. Arrogant, and while Dorna's been great to travel with I'd like some variety.

3) In "Hordes of the Underdark", is there any way to make Aribeth loyal enough not to turn on you when the last battle comes, other than bludgeoning her with her True Name? That's so rude and UnGood from my PoV that it really grates when I'm playing a hero. At the same time I really don't like seeing her go straight back to Hell.

4) Speaking of Aribeth, is there any way to save her in the ORIGINAL module?

5) How can I add new pictures for the characters? That is, if I have images I'd like to use for character pictures, where would I put them and what format(s) can I use?

6) What third-party adventures are Really Good from your point of view... and exactly how do I use them? (i.e., where do the files go when I download them?)

#6 is of interest now that I've played all three of the main adventures.