November 17th, 2006



Lessee... how did this week suck? Let me count the ways...

Monday: Go to pick up my medicine. They don't have Foradil in stock. They say they'll order it.

Tuesday: Had to have the endoscopy and dilation. By itself this was a PITA, but it was for a good cause -- allowing me to eat without fear and pain -- so that would be good.

But then blood vessels popped in my eyes (subconjunctival hemmorhage)making the whites blood-red. This landed me in the E.R., at the same hospital, for the entirety of the evening. Exhausting, nerve-wracking for both me and Kathy. I can't shut down easily after that, so I didn't get to sleep before nearly 2.

Wednesday. Go to pick up Foradil. The order didn't come in. Suppliers were out. Vicky breaks her arm. Back in a hospital for the third time in 36 hours. We get back around 11:30, finally get her to sleep, by the time I manage to get to sleep, it's 1:30.

Thursday: I got some things done at work but not nearly as much as I wanted to. No one has to go to the ER. However, this is the day we learn Vicky actually DID break her arm; they weren't able to read the X-rays well enough at the hospital. Foradil, at least, finally arrives.

Friday: I have to take Gabriel to an appointment I'd forgotten about. I get back around 10:15; Kathy has to take Vicky to the orthopedic specialist for an evaluation as to whether she'll need surgery. This might not have been so bad, except that today Gabriel has a half-day at school. I have to stay home because Kathy won't be there when he gets home. Kathy doesn't get back until close on 3:00, which essentially renders going in to work pointless. This means that the extra work I did LAST week has now been totally wiped out; I'm probably back on minus hours. (Technically I'm salaried, so hours per se don't matter, but it's the principle of the thing, and I have A BUTTLOAD OF THINGS TO DO). Then to cap it off, NASA announces its selections for the last SBIR round, and of three proposals we had in -- ones we felt were pretty darn good -- we won exactly 0 (that's nil, zero, zip, nada).

Please let this annoying week be over as of now. Please?
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