July 20th, 2007

Nike spaceship

iPhone Update...

... So far, I think it's a great little gadget. I'm slowly learning what I can do with this toy, and it's really neat. (I could also see that this could be a really cool handheld game device, if there's a devkit that permits it.)

I have one, and only one, real complaint:

WTF is it with these idiotic headphones? How the hell can anyone USE them? There's no way to keep them on your head, no way to make sure they stay in any position to permit you to hear things reliably, and sure as hell no way to enjoy music with them. Yet I see people wearing these things all the time. What, do the rest of you use epoxy to put them in or something?

Maybe someone will come out with REAL headphones that have the integrated clicky-control on them so I can use this gadget the way it's meant to be used.