January 16th, 2009


Odd little note...

In today's (1/16/09) Sluggy Freelance the Spider shows that "two forces are on a collision course threatening everything". The "forces" are shown as icon/symbols.

One of the forces clearly is the HeretiCorp logo.

The other symbol I don't know.

And yet, I do.

Because it's mine.


(or as close as one can get in ASCII).

Did we see this symbol before in Sluggy, and if so what does it mean?

This is very amusing...

The gentleman who drew this picture is very talented, and also has no life (of course, his chosen nom du guerre of "Mighty Otaking" pretty much proves that is his GOAL). But that particular picture's CAPTION literally knocked me to the floor laughing.

I'd LOVE to see the fully animated version of his vision of The Doctor, though. And his Davros kicks serious ass.