October 10th, 2009

Polychrome color

Question for my Friendslist on reading...

As many of you know, I've been writing (and am about one chapter from finishing) an Oz homage/pastiche called "Polychrome". I'm curious about the proportion of people who would actually have any "connection" with it, so:

0) Before I mentioned it, how many of you were familiar in any way with the Land of Oz OUTSIDE of the movie starring Judy Garland?

1) How many of you had read any of the Oz books by L. Frank Baum?

2) How many of you read more than the first book ("The Wonderful Wizard of Oz", sometimes just "The Wizard of Oz")?

3) How many of you knew -- without being told, or without googling -- who Polychrome was?

4) How many of you have read or watched other Oz-related material NOT of the original Baum books (others of the Famous Forty, "Wicked", "Tin Man", etc.)?

5) For the last group, do any people who have watched or read this other material have THEIR impressions of the land of Oz more from these secondary sources than from the original?

My guess is that even in the group of my friendslist -- which of course will be disproportionately weighted towards readers of SF and fantasy -- it will be a pretty small minority who would answer "yes" to even question 0. And that there may well be at least a few people whose impressions of the Land of Oz will have come from (A) the Judy Garland movie, and (B) other pastiche works such as Wicked and Tin Man.

[EDIT:] So far, rather as I expected. A fair number who really don't know much beyond the Garland film, quite a few who've read two or more of the books, a smaller number who remember Polychrome directly, and a couple who've formed their impressions primarily from secondary works.