October 26th, 2009



I have no Braiiins. I had to go into work today (yes, I really DID have to. There was work there that no one else could really manage on that project, and the deadline is tomorrow. )

I was feeling crappier and crappier, so I went to the doctor afterwards.

They suspect H1N1. Which means either the shot I got didn't work, or it was for other flu instead. Which is dumb -- who cares about the other flus these days?


As I can't sleep wearing one, obviously this means I'm downstairs on the couch or maybe air mattress.

A conundrum...

... how can I inflate an air mattress when I have no air pump?

In the Old Days, you'd just take your vacuum cleaner and stick the hose in the rear vent, and you'd HAVE a blower of considerable force. Now we have this lovely Dyson vacuum and it appears that it only sucks and can't blow.