October 28th, 2009

Battle Janus

There must be a TVTropes term/entry...

... for the phenomenon in videogames in which the characters are in trouble, a new character (or one they've occasionally encountered before in mysterious circumstances) intervenes and blows away the monstrous opposition with an incredibly cool power/attack, and then this cool guy joins the party...

... and is now probably weaker than your main characters. If you encountered NOW the thing that he beat ten minutes ago, it'd hand ALL of your asses to you on a silver platter on a bed of parsley, with Mr. Cool Attack being the first one to go.

I can't seem to figure out what they would call it, though. Any help?

Word Problem...

Kathy's MS Word has suddenly developed a problem I don't know how to fix (nor how it happened).

EDIT: Version Microsoft Word X for Macintosh OS X.

Whenever she opens a document, it appears to be replacing a lot of characters like quotes, apostrophes, em-dashes, etc., with other symbols like accented "i"s and so on.

My guess is that SOMEHOW a setting has been nudged in Word which is causing it to use some wierd character set instead of the normal one, but  I can't find the place in Word's myriad menus of DOOM where such a setting might reside.