March 3rd, 2010


Selectively sucky memory...

I can remember individual lines from books I read once twenty years ago. I can recall completely trivial facts about obscure subjects.

I can't remember people's names, though, unless they're battered into my head constantly over a period of many years. And let too many years go by, THOSE go away too.

Twice in the past week I've ended up talking (on Facebook) to people who remember ME, and I can't place them at all. This is pretty embarrassing, and annoying. I might remember them if I met them face to face (depending on exactly how much time went by, of course), but without a lot of cues I won't even be able to connect the name and the face.


What makes it even worse is, of course, *MY* name is Ryk E. Spoor. Virtually NO ONE forgets that name, and since I've always been loud, and often obnoxious in my own way, almost no one who has met me every forgets me. And so naturally they have every reason to expect that I remember them. Even my online name, "Sea Wasp", is pretty distinctive and hard to forget.