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The Sea Wasp (Ryk E. Spoor)
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Tuesday, March 9th, 2010

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Moving forward!
Wrote three chapters this weekend -- two in Demons of the Past, and one in a backstory-story for GCA, part of Marc DuQuesne's history.

I've also sent out queries to 4 agents in the past 2 days and been rejected once already!
Writer's Block: 420 friendly?
A number of U.S. states are planning to legalize marijuana. Do you agree or disagree with this policy, and why?

Legalize all the drugs, tax 'em like alcohol, and regulate 'em the same way -- and have the exact same penalties for operating machinery like motor vehicles under the influence.

Right now you have all the criminal element associated with them because illegality makes them extremely expensive for a number of reasons. Legal production of things like marijuana, cocaine, etc., would be very, very cheap and the criminal element would wither away quite quickly; why pay $100 a kilo, or ten times that, for something you can get at the corner store for pennies a hit?

Also, the drugs involved are a crapshoot in terms of safety and quality. They can poison you (in very unintended ways), spread disease, all sorts of other un-amusing things which would be DRASTICALLY reduced by legal and open production with the same kind of regulation and monitoring we have on other food and drug industries.

We appear to have learned nothing at all from Prohibition. Let's change that.
Book Signings!
I will be doing a signing of Grand Central Arena (along with a reading from the novel) on April 13th, 2010, at Flights of Fantasy in Albany/Colonie, NY.

I will also be doing a signing of Threshold, and a reading, on May 18th, 2010, at Flights of Fantasy!

Hope to see as many of you as practical there!

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