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The Sea Wasp (Ryk E. Spoor)
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Sunday, May 30th, 2010

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The Day of Incompetence And Accidents
This is a day that one could call a day from hell, but it was more annoyance and delay and frustration, so perhaps it's the Day of HECK!

We begin with being awakened in the morning by Gabriel, my son, who informs us that (presumably while he was rooting about in the fridge without being mindful of his activities) he knocked the Inner Beauty sauce out of the fridge and it proceeded to be dumped over the floor.

Inner Beauty sauce is a hot sauce made of papayas, habaneros, mustard, honey, fruit juices and vinegars, brown sugar, and spices. Thus it is  aromatic, dangerous for poodles, hideously painful for, e.g., little crawling babies who might encounter it, sticky as all hell, and capable of staining many things quite efficiently.

To my surprise, the actual Inner Beauty jar hadn't broken, just popped its top and lost perhaps an inch of the sauce. But it's a wide-mouthed jar and an inch of sauce was enough to end up ALL THE HELL OVER THE PLACE. I cleaned up the worst of it before I took my shower.

We had also gotten up late and were running around to get to church. I ended up taking Chris to Church a bit late simply because I didn't even get a chance to shave.

The cleanup of the room kept expanding. By the time she was done, Kathy had been forced to clean the kitchen, the dining room, and the BATHROOM. It had been on towels, floors, chairs, cabinets, the fridge, even the walls.

This and other chores ended with me having to watch Domenica. For long enough that I had no writing time to speak of.

So finally Kathy decides to make dinner, goes out to get meatball stuff. She has several minor spill or annoyance issues while making them.

She takes Domenica to have me cook (fry in oil) the meatballs. In an attempt to add some more oil to the pan, I accidentally drop ANOTHER , extremely large, pan of (fortunately cold) cooling oil. Used cooking oil (you can re-use it several times if you're careful). All over the floor.

The frying is already underway and I can't stop. Kathy is thus trying to clean up while I'm frying. I'm also having to thaw out the spaghetti sauce. More little spills, and bigger ones. Spaghetti sauce stains, too. Kathy finds there are bleach stains on her shirt from cleaning. Her NEW shirt.

I decided NOT to make a salad; more opportunity for spills did not appeal.

Hopefully all the clumsy is out of the way.

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