August 4th, 2010


Save Albacon!!!!!!

In a letter I just received for programming for Albacon, there was the following line:

"There was talk of canceling Albacon this year: we're not certain there is enough of an audience in the area to support a con."

This would be a minor disaster for me and for local fandom. Albacon is one of two, and only two, conventions I can regularly attend (the other being RPI's little convention, "Genericon"). Boston or New York City area is *barely* imaginable, for a very important convention if I was to be a guest, but really anything that's more than an hour or two away is simply not a practical destination for me for a number of reasons, unless of course I get that Rich and Famous Contract, or at least the Famous Enough part of it that conventions are willing to pay me and my family to come there.

Albacon is a very long-running tradition here in the Albany area, and for it to just ... fade away would be wrong.

So pass the word along to make sure anyone who's thinking of attending DOES. Sign up, come to the convention. Meet me if you haven't. Or meet the other guests.

But if you can, come, or ask anyone you know in this area to come. I'd hate to think that Albacon will disappear.