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The Sea Wasp (Ryk E. Spoor)
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Friday, November 5th, 2010

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The Decline and Fall of Western Civilization, as shown in movie reviews...
EDIT: It appears, looking at the Huffington Post review, that the misspelling is in-movie deliberate. Megamind himself names the new superbeing "Titan", but the person in question is... perhaps not that educated and assumes he means "Tighten", and this is the way he thinks of the name. So... yeah.

james_nicoll  pointed this out, but I couldn't believe he might be referring to, well, REAL reviews by actual noticeable organizations (as opposed to web reviews, IMDB stuff, etc.). But several reviews of the movie Megamind, including one from the L.A. Times, mention that the name of Megamind's replacement-for-his-nemesis is "Tighten".


That's TITAN, you microcephalic imbeciles! As in immense, powerful? As in from Greek Mythology? The beings that were the progenitors/rivals of the GODS?

*buries face in hands*

What DO they teach them in these schools? Get off my lawn! Back in MY day we had to read Greek Myths as bedtime stories! (No, Timmy, not as recent history, that was MY father, get a sense of TIME, will you?)
Writer's Block: So much for counting sheep
What do you like to do when you can't get to sleep?

Video games. Especially strategic/tactics ones like FFT or Saiyuki; those don't have fast constant moving graphics to keep me awake. When I find my eyes starting to droop and it takes effort to focus, I know I can go to sleep.
Cooks' Source Plagiarism update...
It appears that they've taken down the magazine; all that I can access when I go to the site are three pictures and no other material. Not surprising, given the massive reaction which has discovered at least 44 (FORTY FOUR!) examples of plagiarism hitting the Cooking Channel, NPR, Paula Dean, Rachael Ray, Disney, other Food Network stars, Sunset magazine, and others.


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