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The Sea Wasp (Ryk E. Spoor)
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Saturday, December 25th, 2010

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Hoppy Hippodays to All!
I just tried adding an RSS feed of this LJ to my author page on Amazon; have to see if it works (it requires me to do a new post before one can tell).

Christmas here has been tiring but good so far. I'm making berry sauce for the riskrem that is a traditional favorite on Christmas Day, we've unwrapped all the presents, the kids are mostly entertaining themselves with their new toys (except little Domenica who went to sleep in her highchair after we put her there with some food).

A couple of posts on r.a.sf.w complimented GCA, one of them saying that GCA was the most fun read he'd had all year, so those were nice little notes to get today. :)

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