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The Sea Wasp (Ryk E. Spoor)
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Sunday, February 20th, 2011

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Writer's Block: Songs of patriotism
If you were a country, what would be your national anthem?



I guess that depends on my mood. This country changes its attitude on occasion.
PS3 people, help?
I have the excellent game "Dragon Age: Origins".

Problem: My son is playing it too, and he has reached a point near the end... and the game freezes.

Freezes every single time, near the same point.

I've done some searches and some mention a freezing bug, others a patch (but I haven't seen where I could download one), and some say there was a patch but it doesn't work.

I'd really hate to find that I can't actually finish this game.

(I also have to post reviews of this, Oblivion, Valkyria Chronicles, and partially a review of Star Ocean 4)

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