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The Sea Wasp (Ryk E. Spoor)
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Tuesday, November 1st, 2011

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Your laws of nature are my PLAYTHINGS!

Seen originally in r.a.sf.w, this is an interesting article. The idea that one of the most fundamental forces we know of varies across spacetime is... interesting.
A puzzle I've never asked about before...
... most of us already know that the majority of the deaths of Native Americans, at least in the first decades of contact, were due to European diseases sweeping like a pustulant wildfire through the unprotected populations. As the Native American populations had been out of contact with Europe and Asia for many thousands of years, they'd never had any reason to develop immunity to things like smallpox, measles, etc., and so what were bad-but-often-survivable diseases to the Europeans became 99% fatal plagues for them.

What I always wondered was this: The same separation existed on the other side, so why weren't all the Europeans wiped out from various American diseases that THEY had no immunity to? Why would Europe have developed natural bioweapons, so to speak, and not the native populations of the Americas?
Coming Soon: Spheres of Influence (GCA #2)!
I have right here the contract for a sequel to Grand Central Arena, which I have tentatively titled Spheres of Influence!

The Arena had better prepare itself -- Ariane, DuQuesne, and Dr. Simon Sandrisson are coming back, and they're bringing friends (and an enemy or two, just for good measure) !

ADDED LATER: What is it about this particular post that attracted a bunch of drive-by spam posters with their inane "thanks for posting this info on your website" phony posts?

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