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The Sea Wasp (Ryk E. Spoor)
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Saturday, October 6th, 2012

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A. C. Crispin and Ridan Publishing.
Edit: As of today, Ridan has contacted Ann Crispin and promised to make things right. For the moment, put flamethrowers on hold. But don't stand completely down; a promise to make things right is not actually having DONE so, and given the record, Ridan had best expect that we will not be just taking their word yet.

For those who don't know, SF author Ann Crispin, often known as A. C Crispin, is a pretty well-known SF author; I've read and enjoyed quite a few of her books over the years.

She also has cancer, and her ONLY income is from her books, which right now would be the "Starbridge" series put out by Ridan Publishing.

Except that apparently Ridan has stopped communicating with her (and others), and has sent no royalties to her at all. Jim Hines lays it all out here.

As Jim says, this is unacceptable behavior from a publisher under any circumstances, but in these particular ones it's horrible.

Make sure this word gets out. Unless and until Ridan makes this right, they should be avoided at all costs, no business directed their way. It's quite possible that the reason for this problem is that as a one-person operation Ridan became too much for the owner to handle... but that's not Ann's or any other author's problem. That's the publisher's job to deal with it -- either buckle down and get the job done, or hire staff that can.

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