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The Sea Wasp (Ryk E. Spoor)
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Wednesday, November 7th, 2012

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Phoenix Rising: Chapter 29

Our Heroes were hoping for some answers...

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That was a more violent ending to a conference than one usually expects. Though I'm sure all of us have sometimes been tempted...

Well, Obama won.
Which is better than the only practical alternative.

I did not vote for either one; I knew that New York would be going to Obama barring an act of God directly changing the minds of millions, so I took the opportunity to vote for a third party.


In the next four years, we need to *MAKE* a third party, and WIN, and kick BOTH the Democrats AND Republicans out.

Because honestly? There's not really much difference between Obama and Mitt. The news and each groups' boosters like to talk up the differences like they're huge, insuperable gaps, but they're really both much closer to each other than either of them would have been to, say, Ronald Reagan or Richard Nixon, let alone Jimmy Carter or JFK. While Mitt and his party do seem more bound up with the obviously 1% interests, Obama's got plenty of support and interests in those areas as well; he just played the stage somewhat differently.

We need to BREAK the two party system. We need to SHATTER it. It needs to be turned into a system of PEOPLE, not organizations that perpetuate themselves as though the purpose of politics was to perpetuate politics.
Robert E. Howard...

... and his creation Conan the Barbarian are the subject of today's Under the Influence post on my site!

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