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The Sea Wasp (Ryk E. Spoor)
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Monday, August 5th, 2013

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Spheres of Influence: Chapter Twenty-Four...
Is now up for your viewing pleasure. More people were really needed to get things going on Humanity's Sphere...
Completely informal poll for my amusement...
If you drive or have driven a car:

What do *you* call the brake (wherever located in your car) that isn't the main brake used to stop your vehicle while driving?

(I know what *I* call it, but I'm curious as to the proportion of people using the same term as i do versus others).

I'll probably post this on FB too, just to see if I get a different set of responses.

Current Mood: curious
Update on informal poll RE brakes...
To add my own data point, I call it an emergency brake. I've hardly ever used it for parking, unless I had to park on someplace incredibly steep. I drive a manual transmission, not automatics, in case that's of interest.

I would therefore never think of calling it a parking brake, since I don't use it to park, but HAVE used it on three occasions to stop a car whose brakes had failed (and on one such occasion, had to keep driving that car without main brakes for about a week).

It's clear that "emergency brake" is still fairly commonly used , but only, it appears, in the USA, and handbrake and parking brake are common, becoming effectively universal outside the USA. This fits with a Usenet conversation I have been in.

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